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A lifestyle focused digital media in Malaysia, Singapore and SEA.

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Over 100 million people consume content produced by Good Foodie Media channels monthly. To date, we have 6 million followers with a monthly video view of 50 million.


Website 2.5m+

Facebook 2.3m+

Instagram 800k+

Reach 35m+

Website 1m+

Facebook 2.1m+

Instagram 480k+

Reach 15m+

Website 200k+

Facebook 480k+

Instagram 210k+

Reach 10m+

Facebook 900k+

Instagram 510k+

Reach 12m+

Website: 1m+

Facebook 1m+

Instagram 250k+

Reach 15m+

Website 300k

Facebook 1.5m+

Instagram 100k+

Reach 25m+



Facebook 300k+

Instagram 250k+

Reach 5m+


Facebook 100k+

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Reach 5m+


Facebook 40k+

Instagram 45k+

Reach 5m+

good content

good business

We know that good content means good business.

We help our clients succeed by creating high-quality videos, advertorial and engaging posts that communicate their marketing goals clearly.

How We Work

“Our mission is to produce the highest quality work for every client, on every project”

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